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Bermuda is known for its beautiful  pink sand beaches,  snorkeling, and colorful pastel cottages.  It can be a romantic destination, and fun for the whole family.  Did you know that Bermuda is comprised of 181 islands and islets that are coral and lava based.  There is a minimal amount of roads on the island, approximately 155.

It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean located off the east coast of the United States. Its nearest land is Cape Hattera, North Carolina, about 640 mi (1,030) kilometers) to the west-northwest. The capital city is Hamilton. Bermuda is run by the British Empire  The island is divided into nine parishes.

  • St. George’s Parish - Encompassing the area around the historic Town of St. George as well as the island of St. David’s across its harbor.

  • Hamilton Parish - Location of Crystal Caves and Bermuda Aquarium.

  • Devonshire Parish - The quiet parish.

  • Pembroke Parish - Where the city of Hamilton is located.

  • Paget Parish - Numerous resorts, Elbow Beach, Bermuda Botanical Gardens and Paget Marsh for birdwatching.

  • Warwick Parish - Golf, horseback riding and the island’s best cliffs.

  • Southampton Parish - The best beaches and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

Sandys Parish - The Royal Naval Dockyard fortress and shops, but also Somerset Village, Fort Scaur, Gilbert Nature Reserve and some fine beaches.

The currency is the Bermudian dollar (BMD). English is the official language, and Portuguese. The religion is Non-Anglican Protestant 39%, Roman Catholic 15% and other 19%.

      Best Time to Go

Bermuda’s cruise season runs from April to early November, with high season being June through August. The climate is subtropical spring through the fall, but in the winter the temperature can become chilly with the lows in the 60’s to a low of 42F. The weather is the winter has low humidity which makes it pleasant. . October is the rainiest month, with summer being the hottest. The majority of Bermuda cruises takes place during Atlantic hurricane season; be aware that peak storm season falls between August and October. May is your best option. 

The most common itinerary includes sailings that are five to seven nights long and call only in Bermuda, typically with a two- to three-night stay in King’s Wharf. Occasionally a ship’s itinerary will include a stop in Hamilton or St. George’s as well. Common departure ports for these sailings include Boston, New York, Cape Liberty/Bayonne and Baltimore.

      What to Where

The clothing and dress code has a British influence. The dress attire is more conservative. Save the bathing suit, short tops, and mini shorts for the beach and pools. Have appropriate cover while in public areas, and no bare feet.

The Bermuda shorts are considered proper attire, and is very popular with men. Men may sport their shorts with knee socks, a jacket and tie. This would be acceptable at business and social functions. Casual sportswear for lunchtime, but formal restaurants may require a jacket and tie. Smart casual would be the choice nowadays, with no bare feet or flip flops.


      What to Eat

Bermudian cuisine is a blend of the English and Portuguese cuisine. Seafood is popular such as wahoo and rockfish. Did you know that the typical breakfast in Bermuda if codfish and potatoes. Some other specialties are Hoppin’ John, pawpaw casserole, and fish chowder. Fruits and vegetable are abundant on the island, and are also found in many of these dishes.

The wildlife of Bermuda that is native to the island is bats, and 2 reptiles, with a large number of bird, plants and insects. The island today has species that were brought to the island a pose a threat to the habitat. Some examples are the hog, rate and the scale insect that resulted in the lost of several cedar trees.


      How to Get Around

By Scooter: Renting a scooter is nice, if you are familiar with riding one. The roads are narrow and winding and the locals will pass on the right and left. You have to drive on the left side of the road.  You’ll need a driver’s license, helmet and insurance.  You also must be over the age of 16. You can purchase pass for multiple days.

By Bike: Bikes can be rented at a few locations. You can rent a bike helmet. The island does have steep hills, so you must be cautious. 

By Bus:  There are pink and blue buses that travel along the major roads. You need exact change (tokens). They run every 15 minutes, Mon - Sat.  Sundays and holidays they run every hour, or not at all. You can get a pass for 1 to 3 days. Buses do take more time to travel on, and will take away you’re your time you have in port. 

By Train: The Bermuda Train Company does 20-minute loops from the Royal Naval Dockyard to the cruise terminal from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m... You can get on and off at 5 different locations.  

By Ferry: Time-saving ferries crisscross the Great Sound between the City of Hamilton and King’s Wharf. You can even take mopeds and bikes onboard most routes for an additional fee. 

By Taxi: Taxis are abundant, but are pricy. Look for the taxis with the blue flags on the hoods. The blue flag means that driver is qualified by the government to give tours. Taxi stands are located next to the Craft Market near the National Museum of Bermuda, in front of the Clock tower Mall and at the Cruise Ship Terminal. It is recommended that you take taxis in the evening and on rainy days. 

Note: The Visitor Information Centre near the Ferry Landing (Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) is where to get tokens, Transportation Passes for buses, maps and general information. 

Bermuda has three ports. 
Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings’ Wharf) has two docks: King’s Wharf and Heritage Wharf. This is the port where most of the larger ships dock.


            Things to Do


Royal Naval Dockyards (King’s Wharf) is the place to go for shopping.  The Dockyards have big-name items. Located in the Dockyards are the Bermuda Craft Market, Glass Blowing, Rum Cake Factory, and Bermuda Clayworks. The Clocktower Mall is located there, but is not duty-free.  There is no sales tax in Bermuda, so the price on the item is what you pay. In addition to shopping, the dockyards has the National Museum of Bermuda, and The Arts Centre,  galleries,  water sports, great places to eat, scuba-diving, golf courses,  swimming with dolphins, and beaches. The dockyards are located on the west end of Bermuda on Ireland Island. 

Hamilton is the Capital of Bermuda and is the major port. Front Street has rows of high end shops and restaurants.  It is also the location of several parks, most noteworthy Victoria Park.  The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (Church of England) and St. Theresa’s, (Catholic Church) are located in Hamilton. This is a tourist attraction with much to see and do.  Make sure you stop at the Swizzle Inn to have a "rum swizzle" which is Bermuda’s signature drink, created at the Inn. 

Some good finds in Bermuda are cashmere sweaters, tweeds from the U.K., ginger beer, Gosling’s rum, and Bermuda shorts.

Fort Scaur is located in the Royal Naval Dockyard. This was built in 1870 to protect the Dockyards from a US attack on the British. The fort gives nice views of Ely’s Harbor and Great Sound.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (Southampton) - This is the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world.  Climb up the 200 steps to the top of this historic establishment. Enjoy beautiful views of Bermuda from the top of the lighthouse. 

Heydon Trust is a 40 acres undeveloped countryside with spectacular views of the water. It is named after Governor Jeremy Heydon, who was unpopular during the 17th century. He was charged with treason at the age of 80. He later was acquitted, and he then established the trust, with the land. The Trust also has a bird sanctuary, with abundant fruit groves and gardens.  There is a tiny 1620 year old chapel on the property. The chapel is taken care of by three nuns who sing Gregorian chants in Latin at services. 

Sea Gardens is where you can take a glass-bottom boat or snorkel to see shipwrecks, coral reefs, and fish. The boat leaves from Point Pleasant in Hamilton.  

Somerset Bridge is the bridge to Somerset Island that was built in the 17th-century. It is the world’s narrowest drawbridge with a 19 inch mast clearance.  You can look down at Cathedral Rocks, which is a natural rock formation. It was named this because it looks like a medieval cathedral. 

Horseshoe Bay is the most famous beach in Bermuda.  It is popular for diving and snorkeling. The beach has pink sand and is in the shape of a horseshoe. 

Warwick Long Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. You can take a long stroll on this beautiful beach. 

Rent a sail, motorboat, kayak, or Jet Ski around the calm harbor.

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